Linda St Mart

From Corporate To Coaching Women,

An Exciting Journey of Fear and Fun!

Hi Ladies,
Have you ever thought about walking out of your job to go your own way?
Well, that's what I did back in 2017. Just walked out of a successful corporate career that allowed me to pay off my mortgage in 10 years and live a comfortable life.
I didn't plan to walk out. I just did it.
Why did I quit and go?
Because I began to question what I'm doing with my life. I felt like another suit in an office. A suit which cloaked my true passion which is to go it alone and build something which is mine through starting my own business.
So one day, I threw off my suit and handed in my notice.
The reaction across teams was surprise and bemusement ( "She has no job to go to?").
But I didn't care because, you know what? Sometimes you just got to do what you love.
And I wanted to meet like-minded women who want to build something they can call their own. A business designed to leave their finger-print on this world.
So looking at the vast knowledge, experience, insight and training I gathered over 20 years in the Corporate World I decided to create a personalised Business Coaching Practice combined with targeted Personal Development training which empowers women across all race, age and experience to go for it and start, build and lead their own business.
And what a ride it's been!
I'm blessed with amazing clients and I don't regret what I did when I threw away my suit.
So if you're still reading this and would love to go it alone. Then I say, do what you love and you'll live a beautiful life.

Growth is the Goal To Growing Profits And I Can Show You How

At Pause2Win, I focus on seven key areas that - when untapped - unleashes growth and increased sales in different ways in a short space of time. 

From putting solutions at different stages to guiding independent minded women to break habits that no longer serve them,  I challenge you to look at your business differently and question whether the current mindset and procedures add value.

All my growth busting solutions are either low cost or zero cost to your existing spend so I deliver growth always within budget. 


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