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10 Skills Of A Great Leader

1.   Focus

2.   Ability to Delegate

3.   Great Communicator

4.   Confident

5.   Commitment

6.   Positive Attitude

7.   Creativity

8.   Intuition

9.   Inspire

10. Flexible Approach


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Your Anxiety Can Help You Succeed

Only The Paranoid Survive.

How many of us are feeling anxious right now? 


'Stay Positive' Is a phrase we've all heard when feeling low. I'm here to question that advice. Whilst looking on the bright side can cheer us up, A more cautious, pessimistic approach triggered by anxiety can help you spot problems far earlier than a cheery disposition. And problem spotting is crucial to ongoing sustainability.


Thinking negatively does not mean refusing to see Hope. It means assuming things may go wrong. Successful Leaders are ones who see the potholes in the road whilst others are driving with the sun in their eyes. Too busy admiring the horizon and missing the holes that can swallow you and your company up.


So raise a glass to Eeyore, contain your Tigger and embrace a more gloomier outlook only to create a brighter future for you and your team.


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Remember, Embrace Your Gloom To Avoid Doom.

Eliminating Unnecessary Steps

There are three ways your company can improve profits: increase revenue, bring down costs or a combination of both. It's essential waste is eliminating from the production process in order to bring down costs. Bringing down costs - providing revenue is unaffected - will lead to a boost in profits.


Production waste is anything that adds to a company's costs without improving the product or customer experience.


A valuable exercise is to scrutinise each production process from start to finish, identify key tasks and strip out unnecessary steps to build a leaner operational model. Focus especially on levels of bureaucracy - are there too many managerial steps that hampers production? What about investment levels - is machinery breaking down regularly?


Systems, Processes and People should work together to add value to the product and customer experience. Remove costly waste through a detailed analysis of your entire production model. Lessen Production Pain To Boost Profits. 

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