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Boosting Personal Growth

A Personal Message From Linda

YOU CAN SUCCEED - Starting and leading your own Business takes many things including: skill, knowledge, confidence and who you know. Because navigating your way through a minefield of uncertainty, spiralling costs and customer demands triggers anxiety - especially if you're doing it alone. But you don't need to do it alone. I coach Business Owners to tap into inner strengths so you smash through mental and economic obstacles to create a fantastic business which meets the needs of your Customers and become a Sustainable Market Leader In The Long Run.

My coaching practice provides clear strategies, guidance, advice and actions which are personable, not over-bearing and which gently stretches you to achieve success. I get you where you want to go faster with greater confidence, customers and revenue.

Who do I coach?

Two groups because they are future Market leaders.

YOU ARE A PROVEN BUSINESS LEADER BUT HAVE NOW MADE THE SWITCH AND YOU'RE STARTING OR RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You're changing Profession and 'Going It Alone' building a Business based on how you want to be remembered. You are someone who has worked all your life delivering success and now want to do the same but within a Company you created based on your values and the legacy you wish to leave behind. Bravo!

YOU ARE NEW TO BUSINESS LEADERSHIP AND HAVE A DEEP DESIRE TO GO IT ALONE. YOU WISH TO FORGE A CAREER WHERE YOU ARE THE BOSS. In your chosen path you are making the key decisions and not reporting into someone who cares little for their own opinions. You have no wish to be a Passenger. You'd rather be the Driver and take the risks which come with it. Good For You!


My Fees Are Affordable And Right For You.

You may be stunned by how low they are and may even question the quality. DON'T!


Because Business Coaching is a no barriers-entry market and quite frankly we can charge anything. 


I aim to be a Market Disrupter and bring Coaching to the Entrepreneurial masses not the few. 

If you're sceptical, then check out another Coach, have a free Consultation (which most offer) then come talk to me and see if there's a difference in Service Quality.

Accelerating Sales Growth

What is Pause2Win And How We Work With You

We look underneath the hood of your business and fine - tune across seven business areas to jump - start sales growth through applying low cost and zero cost improvements.

Linda installs herself within teams supporting them to deliver change and ultimately boost sales.

We accelerate business growth through the right mindset and the right procedures. 

To understand more about what we do download our magazine and watch the video below.

Then reach out and let us grow your sales together.


10 Skills Of A Great Leader

1.  Focus

2.  Ability to Delegate

3.  Great Communicator

4.  Confident

5.  Commitment

6.  Positive Attitude

7.  Creativity

8.  Intuition

9.  Inspire

10. Flexible Approach

Download this awesome presentation I gave which explains each skill in detail so you can empower yourself and your teams.

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